GOOD LORD ALL!!!  Sorry it’s been so long since you’ve gotten an update about the shop, things have been very, very busy for us.  So, let’s get started!

First off, the move is complete!! (and there was much rejoicing).  We have move the shop, but don’t be alarmed, the new location is about 30 feet from the old location.  We are still in the Westwood Mall, but we are in suite 10 now.  All that means, is, if you go to the old shop, turn left, take about 10 steps, and you’ll see us. I’ll get some new photos up soon.  So, for those of you who haven’t stopped by in a while, come on down and check out the new shop.  It’s much larger, and has plenty of room for everyone.

Next, a huge thank you to everyone who came out last weekend for the Dragons of Tarkir Pre-release.  Both of the events were full.  I hope everyone had at good time :)  I was planning on being there for the midnight, but unfortunately real life interfered, as it often does, and I was only able to hang out for a little while.  Thanks to everyone who continues to support the store and our events.  It’s your support that makes us one of the best game stores in the area.  I’m looking forward to many more years of delivering your gaming needs :)

Third!  This Friday is the RELEASE of Dragons of Tarkir, doors open at 4pm, come in and get it while this first shipment lasts!  We should have plenty, but, as always, the fat packs will go quick.  

Also, this Saturday is the Vegas Grand Prix Trial, you can register anytime between now and 4pm Saturday.  

In addition to the GPT, the NETRUNNER Store Championship is this saturday.  Doors will be open at noon for registration and the event will begin at 1pm.  We should have plenty of room for both events.  We will have more info on both in the Goblin Town Magic and the Goblin Town Board Gamers groups on Facebook.    

We are also happy to welcome Woodland Scenics to our products line.  Woodland Scenics has been a staple in the model scenery world forever.  You’ll be able to see what is possible with their products very soon.  There are two display table set up in our front window.  One will be an example of a modular terrain board for wargaming and the other will be more of a dioramic set up.  Both of these projects will be very time consuming.  My first though was to just build the terrain pieces and bring them down, but I changed my mind and thought you all might actually enjoy seeing both tables as works-in-progress.  

Well, for now, that should do it for updates.  There’s been a lot going on at the shop, so come on down and get yer games on!

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