September  Bones Update

Just a couple of quick updates.

Recently, we recieved the remainder of our Reaper Bones miniatures. Which mean we can finally get our Goblin Town Bones Painting Competition underway!!!

Here are rules:

It is a competition for painting Reaper Bones only.

Your entry must be purchased at Goblin Town Games, the purchase price of the miniature is the entry fee. 

You have until October 5th to finish painting your entry. You can enter at any time prior to that, but obviously, it's better to enter early, so you'll have more time to finish.

There are 3 categories: 

Small - the majority of the bones blister packs
Medium - the larger blisters, like the giants and some of the dragons
Large - the boxed miniatures

You can enter once in each category, so 3 total entries if you wish.

There will be a winner for each category and a best of show. 

You must fill out your entry form at the time of purchase, so if you come in and pick up some bones for the competition, be sure to ask for the entry form. The forms will be kept at the store so please fill them out at the time of purchase.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the contest :) © John Bates 2012