Overdue Anniversary Update!!!

Hey all!  As usual, I have many projects in the works, and far too little time to keep up with them :)

As many of you know, we had a very difficult beginning to the year, and are finally starting to recover.  Thanks to all of you who have supported the store through the previous months, it’s been a very rough road, but we’re almost out of the woods :)

SO, to celebrate our third year serving your gaming needs, I’ve made a slight change to the Goblin Army.  In addition to the extra discount you already receive, members are also enrolled in our rewards program.  For every $200.00 a Goblin Army member spends, you will, receive 25% off your next purchase (that’s not an additional 25%, just 25% instead of 20% ;) ).  If you’re not in the Goblin Army (and why aren’t you?) you still receive the standard 15% discount.  In order to make sure you’re getting your credit towards your bonus, please remind us you’re a member when you’re making a purchase.  

Also, we’re happy to announce we’ve added Dark Age Miniatures to our product line.  If you haven’t seen their game, check it out.  The rules are free and very easy to learn.  It’s a skirmish level sci-fi game and very affordable.  We’ve been playing it quite a bit and it’s a lot of fun!

A big thank you to everyone who turned out for the Magic 2015 Pre-Release and Release events :) .  Wes is now a level 1 judge, so we may be getting some larger events, depending on his schedule.  Stay tuned to our  Goblin Town Magic Facebook group for further info on our upcoming event schedule.

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