New Stuff!!!!

Greetings all!!

No, we are not dead, no we are not out of business, YES, we have moved…well, we actually moved over a year ago, but despite all the signs on the old shop, people still insist we went under and closed.  I assure you, nothing could be FURTHER from the truth.  The only thing that’s been “dead” is our poor website.  Which I am attempting to remedy now :)

For those of you who don’t know (and why don’t you???) we moved the shop across the hall in the Westwood mall last February.  The shop is about 3 times larger than our old space, so we have more than enough room for all.  It’s not hard to find, just come in the mall doors on the north side and walk about 10 feet.  You’ll pass the old shop, which still has a sign pointing you in the direction of the new shop, which, if you can’t find….well…you’re going to be on your own.  We are literally 20 feet kitty-corner from the old shop.

What may have caused people to believe we closed shop was the removal of our sign from the old space.  We had a new (very small) sign on our back door, but I think it was too hard to see.  So….I now present to you our NEW and improved signage!!



The new sign is much easier to see (especially at night!!).

A huge Goblin Town Thank you to Dennis and Caleb over at Sign A Rama, a special thanks to Caleb for all his hard work on the new design.

This July we will be starting our 6th year serving all your gaming needs in Pocatello and the surround area.  Thank you all for your continued support, it means a tremendous amount to me to see everyone continuing to come in each week, and seeing new faces.  I hope we can continue to give you all a place to come throw dice, draw cards, and show of your miniature painting skills :)

Keep watching our Facebook groups for current updates on events.  

I have also just started the Goblin Town Discount Emporium! Which is a fancy name for our eBay store.  The discounts on the webstore aren’t as good as they are if you walk in the shop, so please continue to come in.  The webstore isn’t meant to replace the physical store by any means, it’s just a way I can get a lot of our clearance items out to a broader market.  It’s not just our clearance items, there are some new products on there too, check it out, if you see something you like, make an offer :).  I’ll be adding more to the Emporium as the weeks roll on, so check back often. © John Bates 2012