M14 Pre-Release Follow Up

To our local Magic the Gathering Players,

Thank you all for the successful M14 pre-release!!

Thanks to your support we were able to conduct 3 pre-release events.  It’s support like this that has helped us keep our doors open for 2 years now J  Be sure to come in this Friday for the release.  There will be additional promo cards for FNM this week.  Everyone who participates gets a Colossal Whale Foil!

It's always nice to see new players and faces in the shop.  Sorry I was unable to attend this event, I should be there for the next one :).  Also, we will have more magic singles when I return from Michigan.

And, speaking of being open for 2 years, keep checking our site and groups for anniversary sales that will be going on for the rest of the month!

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