Born of the Gods Pre-Release

Sorry for the extended time between updates all, I've been super busy.

Here's the info a lot of you have been waiting for!  The Born of the Gods Pre-Release events are on February 1st.  We will be hosting our first ever Midnight Event (there will also be an event later in the day, for those of you not wanting to stay up all night).

Due to the limited number of player packs that I was able to get, we are limited on the number of seats.  So, here's the event info:

Midnight Pre-Release (sealed deck)

$25.00 entry/player

ENTRY FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE - which means if you pre-register and don't show up, you're out the $25.00 and your player pack.

There will be 32 seats for the Midnight Event - At-the-door registration will begin at 11pm, and the event will start at midnight! We will not be waiting around for stragglers to come in at 1230 or 1245.  If you want to participate in this event be there early enough to make the starting time.  The doors will lock at midnight and no one will be allowed in after that.  The mall is nice enough to let us host a late night event, so that's the condition.


Event #2 will also be a sealed deck event:


There will be 28 seats for this event (I was only allocated 60 player packs)

Registration starts at 3pm, event begins at 4 (again, that does not mean come in at 4 and register, the event starts at 4, registration is at 3 or you can pre-register)

As with the midnight event, the registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.  If you pre-register and don't show up, you will forfeit your registration fee and your player pack.


There will also be a very limited number of Born of the Gods starters available for purchase for Open Dueling.  

There will be boosters for prize support, as well as promos for all the participants.

After the afternoon event has drawn to a close, any additional player packs will be available for sale ($25.00), but I wouldn't count on there being many left over.

Pre-Registration begins today (01-24) at 4pm at Goblin Town.  You will need to come in and pay, and hang onto your receipt, that will be your "ticket" on event day :)

Hope to see you there! © John Bates 2012