Black Friday is Upon Us!!!!

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen!!  It's been far too long since my last update to the page, so here's a little goodie for you :)

Since I completely hate the entire concept of Black Friday, where in people completely forget the entire spirit of the season, I've decided to do a little something about it at Goblin Town.

Because I know how tight a lot of your purse strings are this time of year, and I know you could all stand to save a little cash, I'm not having a Black Friday Sale.  I'm going to have a store wide 25% off sale that will run from this Friday, through December 6th (next Friday).  This sale is for everyone, regardless of your Goblin Army standing, so come on down and take advantage of the savings.  As an added bonus, if you bring in the below coupon, you'll receive an extra 5% off (yep, a total of 30% off your purchase).  You will need to have the coupon to get the extra discount!!!!

The only item in the shop that is not included in this sale is our selection of Army Transport bags, they are still 15% off (and no, sadly the coupon will no bump that up to 20%).  But, everything else, miniatures, paints, magic, RPG's, board games, you name it, is 30% off with the coupon.

So enjoy your holiday season, have fun,  be nice to each other, and remember why you're out there giving rather than receiving.  

GT Gift Discount Coupon © John Bates 2012