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Welcome to Goblin Town Games!

**Events Page Updated 06-14-2019 (because I'm bad at interwebbing :P**

**Events Page Updated 03-12-2019**

Greetings all! After far too long, I decided to give our website a makeover. The first thing you should take notice of is the feed from our Facebook page (it's just over there to the right). The majority of our updates and notifications about events will be posted there. It's fast and easy, so that's what we use. Directly below the feed are links to our Facebook groups. Feel free to join any of them that interest you! The website is going to be a work in progress, the way I have it set up now should make it easier for me to post updates.

Off to the left, you'll see our links. Take note of our newest addition, the Pointy page link. Pointy helps people find items locally, and contains items we sell, or have sold, most of the items on our Pointy page are in stock (you may want to call to double check, as the page isn't always accurate about on hand supply). It doesn't reflect everything we sell, and we have new items listed daily. It is NOT an online store, it just shows you what we carry, so check it out. The Products link will take you to a list of some of the companies we regularly keep in stock. It doesn't represent our entire product line, but should give you an idea of the types of items we carry.

A Little About Us

For those of you finding us for the first time, here's a little bit about us. We are a full-service physical game store. What do I mean by physical games? Physical games are any games that require you to interact face to face with the people you're playing with. That includes board games, role playing games, collectible card games, and table top miniatures games.

We carry a wide selection of board games, ranging from Arcadia Quest to Zombicide. We also stock several role-playing games, as well as dice, mats, and miniatures for your favorite RPGS. We also stock Magic the Gathering, deck boxes, play mats, Star Wars Destiny, and will be carrying Key Forge soon!

Throughout the year, Goblin Town hosts numerous events for your favorite games. We have pre-releases for Magic, Friday Night Magic, and several tournaments for table top war games. We were the 2018 host of the Intermountain Cup

We are located inside the Westwood Mall, on the north side (that's the Fitness Inc side). If for some reason you come through the main entrance by Outer Limits Fun Zone, just walk all the way back through the spooky corridor until you come out the other side and you'll see us!

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